DEAD ENDS™ Drain Tube (Waterline Cleaning Accessory)

DEAD ENDS™ Drain Tube (Waterline Cleaning Accessory)

DEAD ENDS™ Drain Tube (Waterline Cleaning Accessory)

  • Patent Pending by Anodia Systems.

  • MFR #: MAK-1919

Product Description:

DEAD ENDS™ Drain Tube is a dental waterline cleaning accessory that is performed at the beginning of Mint-A-Kleen’s 1st Step: Air purging the dental waterlines.

The Drain Tube is a clear tube with a male quick-connect on one end and an open tube on the other end designed to open ‘dead-ends’ such as the dental unit water quick-connect outlet (for the cavitron).

Dental units with water quick-connect outlets are called, dead-ends.  A dead-end is a blocked water passage within the dental unit. Water does not continuously flow and is stopped by the quick-connect outlet, resulting in a reservoir for bacteria.  

The Drain Tube provides a quick and easy answer for opening dead-ends.


  • If you have a water quick-connect outlet on the dental unit, place the open end of the  Drain Tube in the saliva ejector.
  • Attach the male quick-connect to the female water connect outlet on the dental unit.
  • Turn saliva ejector ON. 
  • Turn Dental Unit ON and pressurize dental water bottle.
  • Remove the Drain Tube after dental water bottle is empty.
  • This is the beginning step of Air Purging the dental unit.
  • Continue completing Mint-A-Kleen’s 1 Step: Air Purging the waterlines: handpieces and 3-way syringes.

(10 Pack) Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaner

cases (10 bottles per case)
per case (MSRP)

(6 Pack) Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaner


Mint-A-Kleen Assistant [Waterline Cleaning Accessory]

  • Clear tube—Designed to open water quick-connect outlet on closed-system dental units for optimal microbial cleaning.
  • Designed to allow Air Purge function (emptying of water bottle) on water bottle systems that do not have that functionality, i.e. MAK-1806, MAK-1807. (Dental unit must have a water quick-disconnect outlet.)