Our founder’s work

During his career as a dentist, Anodia Systems founder Dr. Thad J. Overmyer often donated time and services to patients in need, and made regular stops at local elementary schools to talk to children about the importance of good oral hygiene. He has held leadership and service positions in many community organizations and church for more than three decades. And he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams: He donates his time and advice to small business owners and entrepreneurs, answering their questions and helping to finance business ventures through in-kind contributions.

Our commitment

The Anodia Systems team is passionate about giving back—donating time, care and financial support to a wide range of causes. The company encourages its employees to take community service days, and supports its team members by giving time off from work to pursue local and international service projects.

Things we love...and practice.

  • Testing and proving ideas in the real world
  • Finding the most convenient and effective way of solving problems
  • Responsive, friendly service and follow-up
  • Giving back to others